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Supreme Court And Religion
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Recent Essays & Commentary

By Thomas Lee Abshier, ND

08/27/2011 Slander of the Founders:  A movie pretending on its cover to be about the Faith of the Founders, uses scant evidence that they were not Christians, in the face of a mountain of evidence of their faith in Christ.\

08/26/2011 A Republican Sinner: A man running for office as a conservative is found to have consorted with, and attended the performances of, a stripper.  The True question is whether he has repented of, and now condemns, such behavior for self and others.

08/13/2011 Liberty as Sacrosanct: The Libertarian holds that the State should never use force against a man who makes bad moral choices that harm only himself.  But, no moral error harms only that man.  We are connected by the web of society, and we thrive best when all strive toward Godliness.

6/1/2011 Printing Money: “What is Money?”  By linking the issuance of new money into the economy with the contract to produce new value for consumption, the money supply expands without inflation.  Prosperity follows hard work, Righteous Law, appropriately limited Federal, State, and Local governments, and a Godly people.

5/25/2011 Islam is a Theocracy where the government is an extension and expression of the religion.  In an examination of the various governmental structures on the spectrum of Statist-Authoritarian to Libertine-Free systems, the Righteous Republic is placed at the center of the spectrum.  The greatest Liberty comes when the people give authority to God to work through government, in a society where each man is committed to exercising personal righteousness, while holding the group accountable to the standard of Godliness.

5/10/2011 Unions and Wages; Unions have distorted the balance between prices, wages, profits, and employment.  Restore the limits of Federal government by enforcing the 9th, 10th, and 11th Amendments.  Return to the State and County governments the authority to enact social, economic, and moral legislation.  

4/30/2011 Is Conservatism motivated by Racism?  The Left has used slander as a tool of ideological assassination, smearing all who oppose their agenda with the ultimate epithet.

04/29/2011 Is Limited Government Possible?  Libertarianism adopts the extreme position of eliminating all government in favor of a total market based solution.  The Libertarian fervor to eliminate government, rather than tame it, has the elements of a religious tenet.

04/26/2011 Libertarianism takes credit for abolition, the franchise, and freedom of speech; but ignores the social fallout of liberty without Godly self-restraint

04/15/2011 Social Security, exposing the fraudulent presentation, consideration of the meaning of wealth, and the morality of the “Inequality of the distribution of wealth”.

04/11/2011 Supreme Court Worship; Idolatry of the Court’s opinion violates the Commandment “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.”

03/03/2011 The error of the Communist Left in their indictment of the Free Market

02/20/2011 Gold Standard vs. Fiat Money and Central Bankers

01/22/2011 America’s Foundation Burning: Sid Roth & Rick Joyner, a prophetic dream

01/21/2011 Cost, Risk, & Responsibility: Milton Freidman & Michael Moore, Pinto cost

01/16/2011 Ayn Rand, Freedom & Slavery: Mike Wallace Interview, Libertarian critique

11/23/2010 The Justification for War

11/11/2010 State Administered Force

10/31/2010 The Implicit Social Contract.  The right of government to impose compliance

10/16/2010 Tom Sobran, the Reluctant Anarchist essay critiqued

06/05/2010 Consent of the Governed: minimal government, anarchy versus totalitarianism

05/30/2010 Book review, “Looking Backward”, a critique of socialistic utopianism

05/21/2010 Confronting the Libertarian Contention: Constitution as Corporation Puppet
05/08/2010 Bear Stearns & Full Disclosure: the moral obligation for truthful valuation

05/06/2010 Illegal Immigration, Poverty, Equality, Foreign Aid, Charity

05/02/2010: SB 1070, Arizona’s Illegal Immigration Enforcement Law

12/28/2009: The Christmas Day Bomber: Susceptibility to the Spirit of Error

09/05/2009: Addiction to Power – an examination of the genesis of the Tyrant-mind

08/26/2009: Gold and the TARP: The Metastasis of Moral Hazard and its Effect on Gold

07/19/2009: Government Run Healthcare: an extension of FDR’s 2nd Bill of Rights

07/15/2009: The Creature from Jekyll Island: Transcript of G. Edward Griffin on the Fed.

07/04/2009: Money, Government, & the Market: Credit and money as a contract

06/26/2009: Christian Gun Ownership: Commentary on guns in church

06/20/2009: Personhood & Corporations: Giving Personhood status to Corporations

06/12/2009: Fractional Reserve Banking, The Federal Reserve, & the Super-Wealthy

05/31/2009: Local Government The 10th Amendment vs. Federalism

04/25/2009: Homosexuality and Societal Decay: Turning from God’s law will degrade

04/19/2009: Inalienable Rights: God as the source of rights

12/14/2008: Inequitable Distribution of Wealth

08/08/2008: Market Driven Government: An examination of the theory that government is unnecessary, and that it can and should be replaced with a market-based system, rather than imposing laws and behavior on men by force.