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Supreme Court And Religion
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European Taxes

Socialism & Freedom

Founding Fathers

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James Madison

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson Part 2

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Creation of Money

Patrick Henry

Joseph Story

Alexis De Tocqueville

Founders On Judicial Activism

The First Amendment

The Black Regiment

Modern Black Regiment

Founders' Quotes

Slander of the Founders

Christian Philosophy

Relative vs Absolute Perspective

Ominipotent God vs Immoveable Stone

Creation vs Evolution

Is Jesus The Only Savior

Prophesy As Prediction And Pattern

Paradox And Truth

The End Of Faith

Christianity As The Highest Religion

Faith vs Works

The Validity Of Biblical Text

Moralistic Nature Of Christianity

The Spiritual Authority Of The Bible

Good and Evil Part I

Good and Evil, Part II

Jesus And War

The Existence Of God

Islam and Christianity

Militant Islamic Threat

Islamic Verses

The World Situation And Militant Islam

The Long Prelude To WWIII

Beheading Video

Islam in History

Christianity and Politics

Godly Human Sexuality

Societal Decay and Homosexuality

Society and Homosexuality

Straight Talk About Homosexuality

Godliness vs. Homosexual Marriage

Bible Quotes On Sexuality

The Bible and Homosexuality

Lawrence vs. Texas

Legislating Sexuality

Homosexuality & Spiritual Consequence

Cheney's Daughter

Abortion vs. Pro Life

Abortion & Stare Decisis

No Compromise with Life

Philosophy of Compromise

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Communist Manifesto

The Problem with Democracy

Why There Are No Jobs In America

The Secular Agenda

Bringing God's Kingdom On Earth

Christian & Secular Forces Battle

Religion & Tyranny

Freedom Of Speech


The Right To Privacy

Supreme Court And Religion

Morality In War

The Judicial System And Godliness

America's History As A Christian Nation

Legislating In A Christian Nation

Legislating Morality

Reverse Everson

Reverse Everson A Bill

Civility, Government, & Christian Society

A Vision For America

The Culture War

Separation Of Church & State

Christian Public Education

Moral Issues

Christian Gun Ownership

Register Gun Non-Owners


Sporting Event Prayer

Supreme Court Idolatry

Islam & Government

Moderate Islam Oath

Moderate Islam Oath

Capital Punishment

Left Wing Issues

The Christmas Day Bomber

Cultural Critique

Letter to Politicians

California & the Nation

The Patriot Act

Iraq Issues

Iraq War Facts

Iraq War Facts Response

Iraq News: The Effect of Bias

Imposing Capitalism On Iraq

The War On Terror

Iraq Abuses

Abuse Alleged

Globalist Conspiracy

Global Warming

Illegal Immigration SB 1070

Our Country Your Country

Rancher Murdered in Arizona

Border Agent Commentary

Letter from Rancher

The Communist Passion

Conservatives & Racism

Unions And Wages

Unions are Killing Jobs

Partisan Politics

Kerry Vs Bush

Patriotism -- My War

We Are Not In Lake Wobegon Anymore

The Lawyers Party

Social Security Changes

Racism and Hate Speech

A Republican Sinner

Call me "Senator"

Rick Perry's Positions

Economic Issues

Bear Stearns and Full Disclosure

Gold and the TARP

Social Security - The Problem

Social Security, Piracy of a Culture

SocialSecurity, Trust Fund Truth

Social Security, Indicator of Cultural Decay

Social Security, The Economics and Politics

Social Security, the Future

Social Security, History

Social Security, Gold Backed Trust Fund

Government Healthcare

Reagan on Healthcare

Insurance Competition

Cost of Healthcare

Entitlement Mentality

Constitutional Erosion

Messiah Or Pharaoh

The Creature From Jekyll Island

Money, Government, & the Market

Personhood & Corporations

War and Nations

Inequitable Distribution of Wealth

Market Forces And Government

Fair Trade

Prosperity & Nation Building

Foreign Aid Nation Building

A Vision for Prosperity

Capitalism & Prosperity

Money, Prosperity, & Productivity

Printing Money, Part 1

Printing Money, Part 2

Printing Money, Part 3

Printing Money, Part 4


Definition of Value

Dollar Value Equivalence

Gold & Silver Coinage

Real Money


Gold Certificates vs. FRNs

Gold Certificates vs FRNs #2

Gold Certificates vs FRNs #3

Major Principles

Dollar Value Ratio

TARP/Bailout Expenditures

Printing & Engraving

Subprime Mortgage Crisis

The Blessing of Falling Prices

Is Fiat Money Evil?

Creating Money Issues

World Depression

Keynesian Economics

America as Corporatocracy

Libertarian Politics

Self Interest as a False god

Legalized Robbery

Liberty, God's Gift to Humanity

Justification for War

State Administered Force

The Social Contract

Critique of Anarchism

Critique of Anarchism #1

Consent of the Governed

Prohibition & Legalization

Addiction to Power & Control

Power and Religious Zeal

Socialism and Freedom

Development of the Liberal Mind

Capitalism Democracy & Morality

Inalienable Rights

Meritocracy vs Aristocracy

Egyptian Dictatorship

Parental Relationship

Libertarian History

Is Government Evil?

Government Is Evil

Ron Paul vs Michelle Bachmann

Force as a tool of the State and Person

Ayn Rand -- A System of Selfish Greed

Liberty as Sacrosanct

Free Market Economics

Ayn Rand & Freedom

Constitution & Corporations

Prohibition & Legalization

Critique of Utopianism

Market Driven Government

Fiat vs Gold Money

Cost,  Risk, & Responsibility

Local Government

America's Foundation Burning

Limited Federal Government

Fractional Reserve Banking

Privatized Police


Energy Righteousness Accountability Issues

Philosophical Foundation For Legislation

Position Paper Oregon Primary

A New ERA For America

Health Care

Constitution Restitution Act

Defense Positions

Threats Faced By America

Pro Life Positions

Firearms Licensure & Training

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