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Supreme Court And Religion
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The War on Terror

Today our nation’s survival is threatened. Radical Islam is committed to convert every person on the planet, and kill all who resist their domination. These threats are not idle, and our enemy is patient. They lie in wait, multiplying their numbers by immigration, conversion, and conception. They gain public acceptance and sympathy from the media, who undermines our war efforts. The Democratic party stands as a willing servant in their mission. Our detractors aid the enemy and reduce our national will to fight the slow advance of Militant Islam. In the service of political gain, the Democratic party has sacrificed the honor of our soldier’s effort, and the character & motivation of our President.

This is not a battle against an army of 3rd world terrorist thugs. This is not a battle for democracy. This is a spiritual war.

Our traitorous judges have ruled that our Constitution intended a Separation of Church and State. They have ruled that activities abhorrent to the God of the Christian Bible are protected by the Constitution. They have ruled that teaching Islam and witchcraft in the classroom is Constitutional, while teaching the faith of our Fathers violates the First Amendment. Such hypocrisy and historical lies are obvious when we realize our Founding Fathers held Church services in the Congressional Chambers every Sunday.

We must reaffirm that America was established as a Christian Nation. We must boldly teach the principles of Christ in our schools. We must pray, read, and study the Bible in the Classroom, Boardroom, and Courtroom. We must learn to live the principles of our Lord Jesus Christ. We must make our faith real, active, and alive throughout our culture. If we continue down the road of political correctness, tolerance, and the moral equivalency of all religions, we will not survive. This is War.

We must act to restore the covenant sealed in the blood of sacrifice made between our Forefathers and the One True and Living God. By lifting up Jesus in a national revival of faith and brotherly charity, we sanctify and make noble the sacrifice of all who have fallen during this War on Terror. The spirit of Abraham Lincoln calls to us to honor our fallen, to return to the principles and God of our Forefathers. If the national tragedy of 9/11 awakens us to our spiritual roots, those who fell shall not have died in vain. We pray earnestly to the God of the Bible, and the God of our Founders, that this nation under God, will have a new birth of freedom, and that government of the people, by the people, and for the people, shall not perish from the earth.